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When i was quite young, 5th grade, i was told to write a paper taking a position as a creationist or evolutionist. i think there were actually two more...that mixed the two favoring one side. i don't remember really what i chose. i remember i started the paper describing the colors of a sunrise, and ended it describing the colors of a sunset. i remember it blew teachers away in the little South Carolinian town. It was maybe my most proud moment of childhood. i remember being told that i may be a writer, but even more likely, i was a painter in the making.

i am artist.

Here i am, a little over three years after taking my first step in establishing myself as an artist. i think the first step was the scariest: To walk away from a successful, but stressful job, and to attempt to do something i didn't necessarily already feel good at, but i loved so much.

Suddenly, to not know what was ahead...and i sooooo didn't know. i stepped into uncertainty and tried to embrace what it had in store for me. And i never would have imagined what was in store on so many levels.
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