Niki Banffy-Nesbitt - Abstracted Spaces

* Red, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, 2009  
*Green, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, 2010 
* Memories of Oakland, WE Art Space, Oakland, 2010   
* Little Pieces, Hive studios and Gallery, Oakland, 2010   
* East Bay Open Studios, Oakland, 2010, 2011   
* Solo show of works on paper, Urban Legends Winery, Oakland, 2011   
*Mix Match, Hive Studios and Gallery, Oakland, 2011
* Black And White, 4 person show, Hive studios and Gallery, 2012
*Element, 5 person show, (curated and entered work), Hive Studios and Gallery, Oakland, 2013

* Perfect Pairings of Hours d'oeuvres and Cocktails, Xlibris Press, 2009   
* Penny Experiment,   
* Memories of Oakland, We Art Space, Oakland, 2010

* BA New College of Ca. 1995

Community Art classes:
* California College of the Arts, Oakland, 2005-2006, 2011-present   
* ASUC, Berkeley, 2007-2008   
* Laney Community College, Oakland, 2009   
* Sawtooth School, Berkeley, 2009   
* City College Of San Francisco, San Francisco, 2010-2011
*San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, 2012

Artist's Statement:

My work explores space; the emptiness, the fullness, the expansive, the crowded, the quiet, the noisy, the structured, the chaotic, that make up our world. The subjects are often based on and rendered abstractly from photographs I have taken while hiking in wilderness, or walking city streets. These subjects are first rendered in small, delicate, pen marks on canvas, constructing landscapes of mountains, forests, buildings and whole cities. Structured acrylic blocks and washes break the space into abstracted fields of color. 

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